Preparing to Welcome Your Adopted Child Home

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Adoption Lawyer

Adoption can be an overwhelming period not only for the adoptive parents but the child or children as well. There are many emotions to expect, including the good and bad. What’s important to remember is that it’s normal to feel over your head. As you prepare for life as a new parent, there are things to consider so that you are as ready as possible to meet the needs of your new family member. 

Be ready to wait and have your patience tested.

Adoption can be a long yet rewarding process. Be prepared to wait some time before you are approved for adoption or get to welcome your new child home. But don’t be complacent either. There are ways you can prepare for parenthood in the meantime. 

Become familiar with your child’s background.

If you get approved for adoption, spend time learning about the child’s background. In this way, you can understand better where they come from, what struggles they may have, and how you can help them get comfortable in a new place. 

Build a support system around you.

Recruit people who care about you to support you during this period. You may find yourself needing someone to talk to about what you’re going through. Having friends, family, other adoptive parents, therapists, and an adoption lawyer there to help can make all the difference in your experience. 

Keep it simple and low-key for your new family member.

Your child’s first few months with your family may be tough, even though it’s an overall happy time for all involved. You may not want to host a big welcome party as that may stress them out further. Depending on their needs and personality, the initial adjustment may need to be simple and tranquil. 


As our adoption lawyer from Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC knows, adoptive parents often have to jump through numerous hoops before they can welcome a new child or children home. By recruiting people around you as a support system, you can get through it with less worry and more optimism. 

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