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Idaho, like all states, has child support guidelines that must either be followed or an explanation must be offered as to why they were not followed. The guidelines are based on the income of both parents and the number of nights each child spends with each parent. The guideline amount can be calculated using software

It is assumed that each parent is contributing the same percentage to the children’s expenses. In addition to the cash child support, parents are expected to share in the cost of child-care expenses incurred by the resident parent while working and uncovered medical expenses. (One parent should cover the children under any employer-provided health insurance.) 

How is child support calculated in Idaho?

Child support in Idaho is calculated using the Idaho Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines take into account the combined income of both parents and the parenting plan for each child. The parenting plan accounts for the number of overnight visits the child spends with each parent. The legal responsibility for supporting children is divided in proportion to the parents’ income.

Where can I find the Idaho Child Support Guidelines?

The Idaho Child Support Guidelines can be found here.

Why do I have to pay Idaho child support if we have equal custody?

The Idaho Child Support Guidelines account for the parties’ income and the number of overnight visits with each parent. While the parenting plan could be equal, if one parent makes more money than the other, one parent will likely end up paying Idaho child support to the other parent. In rare circumstances, the parent who has primary custody of a child could end up paying the other parent child support if there is a great deal of differences in their income.

Does child support cover daycare in Idaho?

Child support in Idaho does not cover work-related child care expenses. The parents should split the cost of work-related child care in proportion to their income. Work-related child care covers daycare or other expenses while one parent is working. It does not cover costs incurred in a parent’s free time.

If my ex is behind on child support, do I have to let him/her see our child?

Yes. Generally speaking, you should not deny a parent access to their child because that parent is behind in their child support. There are other ways to enforce an Idaho child support order.

Can we agree to our own amount of child support in Idaho?

Yes. Parties can agree to a different amount of child support than recommended by the Idaho Child Support Guidelines. However, child support obligations should still be calculated to show to the court, and there must be a good reason(s) to ask the court to order a different amount of support than the calculated amount. Some good reasons include one parent paying all of the daycare costs or transportation costs. 

When does child support stop in Idaho?

Child support payments in Idaho stop when a child reaches the age of 18, or 19 if the child is still attending high school. 


Which parent gets to claim a child for taxes in Idaho?

The federal and state income tax benefits should go to the parent who has the greatest tax benefit, which is often the parent who makes the most amount of money. However, the parent who doesn’t receive the exemptions is entitled to a pro-rata share of the income tax benefit in proportion of their guideline income. It’s represented as a credit against or in addition to the basic Idaho child support obligation. However, parents are free to allocate the benefit however they choose to, as long as they agree.

Does my ex-wife or ex-husband’s new spouse’s income count for child support calculations?

In Idaho, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the court to include someone’s spouse’s income in child support calculations. 

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