Overseas Divorce Lawyer Idaho

Overseas Divorce Lawyer IdahoThe process of getting a divorce can be difficult in general, so when you are going through an overseas divorce you want to ensure you are working with an overseas divorce lawyer in Idaho you can count on. Especially when one spouse may work in the military and has returned overseas, it can be hard to go through the divorce process when the other spouse is living back in the states. If you are hoping to file for divorce and your spouse lives overseas, one of the first phone calls you should make is to your divorce lawyer from Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC. We have helped many people successfully get divorced while one partner is living overseas. 

What makes these divorces so complicated?

Some people are happy to go through the divorce process while their spouse lives overseas. In situations where the relationship is especially strained, it can help when you do not have to see your spouse face to face during divorce meetings or mediation. While this may be best for you, it can still complicate things. 

If you and your spouse have had children, this can make the process harder. The spouse who is overseas may still want custody or visitation rights of any children you may share, but that may not be in the best interests of the children or that may be very difficult to do. An Idaho overseas divorce lawyer can help you to understand what may be best for the children and gather evidence to petition the judge for the best decision regarding child custody and support. 

Where should I file for divorce? 

When you live in Idaho, you should file for divorce in Idaho if you have been a resident for six weeks or longer. 

Can we still go through the mediation process? 

Just because your spouse is living overseas does not mean you cannot still go through the mediation process. While your spouse may have to do this remotely, mediation is still a great tool that both of you can use to work through certain problems and come to solutions, even when ending your marriage. Mediation is a great tool that can ensure a divorce ends fairly and even on reasonably good terms. 

If you would like help with your divorce when your spouse lives overseas, reach out to the trusted Idaho overseas divorce lawyers from Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC.

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