Overseas Divorce Lawyer Boise, ID

Overseas Divorce Lawyer Boise, IDGetting a divorce in almost any situation can be both difficult and emotionally hard to do, as an overseas divorce lawyer in Boise, ID understands. When you are your spouse are living overseas and you are hoping to get a divorce, this can complicate things even more. It is not as simple as serving your spouse with divorce papers if they live across town. Instead, in Idaho, you will need to ensure you are abiding by all of Idaho’s divorce laws. Because of how complicated an overseas divorce can be, it is best to work with an attorney you can rely on, like one from Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC. 

When you begin the divorce process, whether your spouse lives locally or overseas, you will need to start with the divorce petition. Your lawyer can help you decide how you believe things should be divided up, especially if you need to consider home property, custody of children, and child support. Once you have filed your divorce petition with the help of your Boise, Idaho overseas divorce lawyer, you will need to serve your spouse. 

What if my spouse contests the divorce? 

If your spouse has problems with any of the property division or spousal/child support that is in the divorce petition, they can contest the divorce. This may complicate things further if you need to go back and forth with your spouse while they live overseas. However, having a divorce lawyer with you the entire way can help ensure you are not missing paperwork and that you have not left any details out.  The lawyers at Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC, also help with uncontested divorces.

Get Overseas Divorce Help Today

When you are filing for divorce and your spouse lives overseas, do not hesitate to get help from lawyers you can trust at Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC. Our team is here for you when you need us. Reach out to our Boise, Idaho overseas divorce lawyer for more help during this difficult time. We have the technology available to assist you in getting divorced no matter where your spouse may live.

Can I get divorced if my spouse is overseas? 

It’s possible to get divorced if your spouse lives overseas. The easiest way for you and your spouse to get divorced if your spouse is overseas is for them to consent to jurisdiction in Idaho. There are many reasons this might happen. For example, sometimes the military will station a couple overseas and then the spouse may decide to remain that country when the Air Force stations the military member in Idaho. Other times the spouse will want to return to the United States to end the marriage while the military member remains in the country. If children are involved, Idaho will need to establish jurisdiction of the children, but it can still be possible to establish child custody and support for your children in Idaho even if they are overseas with your spouse. 

Can I get divorced in Idaho if I’m overseas?

Maybe. Getting divorced in Idaho if your overseas can be tricky. Idaho statue requires you to reside in Idaho for six weeks prior to filing for divorce. However, if you lived in Idaho prior to departing the country, or haven’t established residency in any other state, and intend to return to Idaho at the conclusion of your overseas assignment, then you may be able to get divorced in Idaho if you are overseas.  

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