Divorce Attorney in Idaho

Divorce Attorney in Idaho

How Much Does it Cost to File for Divorce in Idaho

divorce attorney in IdahoWhile most couples don’t expect to get divorced when they take their wedding vows, unfortunately sometimes divorces happen. In many situations, divorce may even be the best option. Whether because the passion is no longer around, a married couple has been fighting too much, there are forms of domestic abuse, etc., there can be many reasons why getting a divorce is the best option. Navigating the divorce process can be difficult. That’s why many people like to have an experienced divorce attorney in Idaho on their side. 

When you work with our team at Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC, we can help you navigate the process including the initial filing process. Today we’ll give you a good overview of the filing process and how much it’ll cost. 

How Much Does the Initial Filing Cost? 

To file for divorce in the state of Idaho you’ll have to pay some court fees. The fee for filing a Petition for Divorce is $207. This amount can be larger if you have children. However, in many cases, the fee can also be waived. To file for divorce without children you’ll have to submit these forms:

  • Family Law Case Information Sheet
  • Your Petition for Divorce 
  • An Affidavit of Service with Orders
  • Your summons with orders
  • Vital Statistics Form

If you’re filing for divorce and children are involved, the process is trickier and requires you to submit all the previous forms plus:

  • An affidavit verifying your income
  • A parenting plan
  • A shared or split custody worksheet or a standard custody worksheet
  • A Certificate of Divorce.

Once you have all your forms prepared and ready to file, you’ll file them with your local district clerk. The clerk will take your original papers along with your filing fee and make a copy. Sometimes if you don’t have the fee ready, it’s possible that you can get the fee waived if you meet a certain income threshold. 

For serving your papers to your spouse, you’ll need to use a third-party such as a sheriff or process server. Once your spouse is served their papers that’s when your actual divorce case will open up. At this point, having an experienced divorce attorney in Idaho is often recommended. 

Are There Other Costs? 

In the case of uncontested divorces, after the initial filing fees, the only other costs you may have is if you hire a lawyer to help expedite the process. However, in the case of contested divorces, it’s possible that you can have additional fees. In most cases, this means fees from hiring a third-party mediator or having an attorney handle things by litigation. 

Even if your divorce is uncontested and you and your spouse are determined to end things as amicably as possible, having an attorney is recommended as they can tie up any loose ends and help you file. For parties that have no children, the cost of our services ranges from $750 – $1,500. For cases that involve children, this range is $1,500 – $2,500. 

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Going through a divorce can be stressful and can also be costly if not handled properly. That’s why you can contact one of our experienced divorced attorneys in Idaho today to make the process easier! 

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