Divorce Attorney Caldwell, ID

Divorce Attorney Caldwell, ID

Divorce attorney Caldwell, IDWhether you’re hoping that your divorce will be amicable or you already foresee problems occurring, it’s important to get in touch with a divorce attorney in Caldwell, ID. Doing so will ensure that you receive the right representation and desired results from your divorce. 

Unfortunately, many times people will file for divorce without a clear strategy in mind. This is understandable as filing for divorce can be both hectic and emotional. However, it’s crucial to plan ahead. 

However, even if you don’t have a clear goal in mind or are simply unsure of the most viable strategy, having an experienced lawyer on your side from a law firm such as Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC can help tremendously. 


What to Consider Before a Divorce?

It’s important to have some clear goals in mind before filing for divorce. In addition to making sure that divorce is the best solution for all parties, you will want to determine if there are any specific outcomes you want. 

In some divorce cases, it’s possible that both spouses may already agree to every term laid out in a divorce settlement (including the division of property, child custody, and child support) or just have very minor disagreements. In such a scenario it’s still good to have an experienced legal team there to finalize and formalize the settlement as there may be minor details that you or your spouse may miss. 

When there is contention regarding a divorce our team can help mediate between both parties. It’s also possible to hire a third-party mediator to help resolve any issues. A third-party mediator is often recommended as litigation can become costly and unpredictable. If third-party mediation isn’t working then a divorce attorney in Caldwell, ID can help. 

Common areas where there’s contention with divorce include:

  • The division of property and assets. 
  • Alimony payments. 
  • Child custody and child support.
  • Whether or not a spouse is “at-fault”. 

What Kind of Parenting Plan Should You Have?

If children are involved it’s important to think carefully about a parenting plan. In some cases having sole custody is the best option such as when there’s domestic abuse in the marriage, the other spouse isn’t financially capable of providing for their children, or a generally unsafe environment such as the other parent having a history of substance abuse. 

If it seems like joint-custody would be a better option then there are still a few things to consider. The best way to make things work is by constructing a parenting plan with your spouse. Items to consider include the following:

  • Who will have the most custody or if custody will be split evenly? 
  • What schedule makes the most sense for each parent? 
  • Does any of the children get along better with one parent versus the other?
  • Are factors such as the children attending religious events important for either spouse?

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney Today

Divorce can be both a stressful and complicated event. That’s why enlisting the help of a divorce attorney in Caldwell, ID is crucial. At Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC we have plenty of experienced attorneys available that can help you with your divorce. Contact us today! 


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