Divorce Attorney Middleton, ID


Divorce Attorney Middleton, ID

Divorce attorney Middleton, IDSome marriages aren’t meant to last and unfortunately, some couples determine that the best option is to get a divorce. Divorce cases can cause a lot of stress especially because emotions are bound to be tense. However, in addition to how emotionally taxing divorces can be, another issue that may arise are litigation complications. Even formalizing and finalizing a divorce may take considerable time. That’s why it’s smart to have an experienced divorce attorney in Middleton, ID. They will be able to help you finalize your divorce and get the results you need. 

Common Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

There can be many reasons why couples get divorced and oftentimes the reason doesn’t happen overnight. Some common reasons for divorce include: 

  • Infidelity issues which may be a one-time occurrence or involve multiple partners.
  • A lack of clear communication between both parties or when there is communication, it escalates into yelling and/or fighting.
  • A lack of intimacy between partners.
  • A feeling that the relationship/the other party is drifting apart or changing. 
  • Financial problems such as one spouse getting laid off from their job or overall costs of the rent and other expenses
  • Domestic abuse which may be physical, emotional, or mental.
  • One spouse has an addiction problem such as gambling or substance abuse. 
  • Disagreements on how to raise kids. 

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

In Idaho, the total time frame of a divorce case may depend upon a few factors. In situations where both couples are in agreement (or any minor disagreements can easily be mediated), it may take as little as 30 days to 90 days to settle a case. For cases where there is major contention, the process can take significantly longer. Some examples of contention generally include:

  • Who gets full/major custody if children are involved. 
  • If there’s joint custody of children how will co-parenting work.
  • If one spouse qualifies for alimony payments and how much. 
  • The division of property and assets. 
  • If one spouse is wanting to sue for an at-fault divorce. 

When there’s contention between spouses, one strategy is to hire a third-party mediator who can try to get both parties to reach an agreement. However, sometimes litigation is the only solution. 

In such a scenario it’s recommended to consult an experienced divorce attorney in Middleton, ID. They will be able to help you reach the desired results you want such as making sure you get majority custody or you’re being fairly compensated for alimony payments. 

Your attorney can negotiate with the other party and/or their attorney to reach a divorce settlement that makes the most sense. In the rare case that an agreement can’t be reached then your lawyer can also take the case to court and argue on your behalf. 

Contact an Experienced Lawyer Today

Divorce can be a stressful and complicated affair that isn’t without its headaches. However, by having an experienced divorce attorney in Middleton, ID on your side the process can be made a lot easier. At Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC, we have plenty of experienced divorce attorneys ready to represent you! 


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