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Stepparent Attorney IdahoBoth marriage and parenting can be complicated processes. That’s why marrying a spouse that already has children can especially be challenging. In addition to the initial transitioning phase which may include needing to take on new responsibilities, adjusting to parenting, and bonding with your new stepchild, child adoption can pose a challenge. Since divorces are happening more than ever, there are many stepparents raising children that aren’t biologically their own. 

Even when a relationship between a stepparent and child feels as strong as any biological relationship, they don’t carry the same legal status. That’s why many stepparents decide to officially adopt their stepchildren. However, navigating this process can be challenging. Having the help of a stepparent attorney in Idaho can make the process easier. 

What are the Advantages of Having the Legal Status of a Biological Parent? 

Having the same legal status as a biological parent can carry many benefits that will in fact make it easier to raise your stepchildren. Some of these benefits include: 

  • The ability to make crucial decisions regarding your stepchild including education, healthcare, and legal issues. 
  • Can better foster a bond between you and your stepchild. 
  • Will allow your child to inherit any finances or assets from you in the same way as if you were a biological parent. 
  • In the case of a divorce, as a stepparent, you will have the ability to make visits and seek custody. 

Ways to Adopt a Step Child in Idaho

There are two official ways to adopt a stepchild and your stepparent attorney in Idaho can assist. The first and most common method is by obtaining approval from a biological parent (generally your married spouse). With consent from the biological parent(s), the process is much easier and can quickly happen. 

The other method is much more difficult and usually requires legal assistance. The only other way to adopt a stepchild is if the biological parent’s rights are terminated. While there are instances where a parent willingly terminates their own rights, this is very rare. As such, in order for a biological parent’s rights to be terminated, there has to be a clear demonstration that they’re unfit to raise their child. Some arguments your lawyer may employ include: 

  • The inability or deliberate failure to take care of their child 
  • Negligence that also includes abandoning their child 
  • An overall unfitness to be a parent

However, it should be noted that terminating a parent’s rights should never be a rash decision. The reason for this is that termination can cut off certain obligations required of a biological parent such as child support. That’s why finding a way to amicably resolve the issue with the biological parent is usually recommended before seeking termination as an option. However, if the situation can’t be resolved even with mediation from a third-party, then litigation might be needed. 

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By officially adopting your child as a stepparent you can often be in a better place to take care of them. However, the process can be complex. That’s why you should contact a stepparent attorney in Idaho. Seek professional help from Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC today!



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