Home Study Tips for Adoptive Parents

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Adoption Lawyer

Choosing to adopt a child is an exciting yet stressful time, as adoptive parents prepare for a home study visit from the adoption agency. It’s understandable that prospective parents would be worried about making the best impression possible. While this is not a complete list, here are some tips to remember when you find yourself getting carried away by overwhelm: 

Be flexible and open.

The journey to adoption is not linear for everyone. In fact, it’s common for rules or requests to come up unexpectedly. The adoption process is going to be personal and unique to each family. Keep yourself flexible and open to what may come your way. If you are working with an adoption lawyer, you’ll have someone to watch out for your best interests too. 

Stay optimistic.

A home study visit will be a thorough invasion into your privacy. It is normal for adoptive parents to feel vulnerable and interrogated at some point during the adoption process. If things start to seem like they aren’t going well, you may find yourself feeling down and negative about the situation, but it doesn’t mean the outcome cannot still be what you were hoping for. Express concerns with your lawyer if you’re struggling with the process.

Communicate clearly.

Be forthcoming during the entire adoption process, including when working with a home study social worker or adoption specialist. It may feel at times you are being judged or doing something wrong, but it is only the role of these workers to ensure the best placement for children. Your lawyer can go through example dialogues of what kind of questions you’ll be asked during the home study visit. 


As an adoption lawyer from Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC has helped clients with before, a home study visit is one of the more stressful parts of any adoption process. However, parents shouldn’t be discouraged from trying, and may want to recruit help from an adoption lawyer for support. 


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