Idaho Family Case Law Information Sheet

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In this post, we will provide instructions for completing an Idaho Family Law Case Information Sheet. In a previous post, we provided fallible PDF forms for you to file your own divorce with the courts, assuming you and your partner are in agreement and have no minor children between the two of you.. You should talk to an attorney for advice prior to completing the document and filing it with the court. We don’t recommend you substitute this post with actual legal advice.

Idaho Family Case Law Information Sheet

The Idaho Family Case Law Information Sheet

The Family Case Law Information Sheet must be completed and filed with the court at the start of any family law proceeding, including a divorce. The information shared is private and not part of the cases’s public record. As a result, you will only need to file one copy of this document with the court.

The form is pretty simple to complete, but step=by-step instructions are included below to assist.

Describe your case

Choose the block that applies to your case. See, this form is pretty easy!

Information about Petitioner

Put your information here. It asks for your address. Should you move while the case is pending, you’ll need to update your address with the court.

Information about Respondent.

Put your spouse’s information here. Include as much information as you can here or work with your spouse to complete it. You’ll need to mail a copy of the final decree for divorce to your spouse at the end of your divorce case, so it’ll be important to keep up to date with any changes. It’s not uncommon for a couple to start the divorce process living together and then one party moves out before it’s finalized.

Children under 18 in this case

List any children that will be included in the case. This includes any children born during the marriage to either party, regardless of who the other parent is. Also include their birth dates, social security numbers and whose child it is. Include where the children currently live.

Other Cases Involving Children

Most people can leave this section blank. But if there’s another case in any jurisdiction that involves at least one of your children, include it in this section.

Other Cases Involving Violence or Abuse

Include any cases that involved a protection order, domestic violence or child abuse involving anyone listed on the form.

Robert Taylor Idaho Lawyer
Taylor Law & Mediation

Attorney Robert J. Taylor is an experienced Idaho divorce attorney with offices in Boise, Coeur d’Alene (SP), Mountain Home, Twin Falls, and Pocatello. His firm provides uncontested divorce services and wills and estate planning to clients who live anywhere in Idaho.

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