Idaho divorce forms (without children)

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Idaho divorce forms online.

Idaho divorce forms for those wishing to get divorced from their spouse who do not have any children and agree to the terms of their divorce.

Most attorneys don’t recommend filing and completing your divorce by yourself, but sometimes it might be your only option. It’s also possible that you and your spouse have no community property or debt to distribute and don’t have any children, so it might seem like a good alternative to hiring an attorney to assist you with the divorce process. Even then, it’s still a good idea to hire an attorney to assist you with navigating the process. Most divorce attorneys have done hundreds of divorces and are much more likely to get everything filed correctly with the court the first time so you and your spouse can move on as quickly as possible.

However, if you still wish to file you own divorce paperwork, the state of Idaho has done a good job at making all of the required forms available to assist you with doing so. Idaho has actually done a good job of providing a large number of forms available to the public. You find almost anything you need here.

For divorce, you can find all the forms you need here. Those forms are PDF or RTF, which allow you to print them off and fill them in with ink or fill out using Word. The forms below are the same forms from the website but are in a fillable PDF format. These forms assume you and your spouse have are in agreement to divorce and have also agreed on all the terms of the divorce. The forms also assume no children were born during your marriage or that you and your spouse do not otherwise have any children in common.

Idaho divorce forms: Getting started

To get the divorce process started, you’ll need the following three documents:

Wrapping up

The respondent, your spouse, will need to sign an acknowledgment of service or you will need to complete an affidavit of service. If you were using your own forms, you could include the acceptance of service in the stipulation described below, but then you wouldn’t be able to use the fallible forms provided.

Filing with the court

To finalize your divorce, you’ll need to complete a stipulation for entry of divorce, the decree of divorce and file a vital statistics certificate of divorce. The judge will sign the decree of divorce, which will grant your divorce. The stipulation tells the court that you and your spouse have reached an agreement and that you both agree the court should accept that agreement. The decree for divorce contains the terms of your agreement.

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