Determining If Divorce Mediation is Right For You

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Many couples who are divorcing find themselves asking the inevitable question: is divorce mediation right for me? The truth is, while mediation is often considered helpful, it may not be right for everyone going through a divorce. If you are interested in pursuing mediation while getting a divorce, you may want to speak with your lawyer to learn about whether this would be a good fit. There are many benefits to using a mediator during this process, and especially if you and your spouse have children together, you may find that this is the best solution for positive co-parenting upon the finalization of your divorce. 

What are the benefits of divorce mediation? 

You may be concerned about a few things regarding mediation. For example, one concern couples have is that it is bringing another party into the divorce process. This is one more person who will learn about your divorce, the nitty-gritty details, and the pain that you both have gone through. It is important to remember, though, that a divorce mediator is not there to judge you. Instead, they can listen and offer solutions to your problems. Further, many people are concerned that the divorce mediator will tell couples what they need to do and that they will make decisions on behalf of the couple. As a lawyer, like a divorce lawyer from a law firm like Robinson & Hadeed Family Law understands, mediators are not there to decide things for you and your spouse. You may find that with divorce mediation you:

  • Feel less stressed about the entire process
  • Do not need to go through litigation 
  • Can experience a more private divorce
  • Can come to the best decisions regarding your family members
  • Do not take up as much time as you would going through divorce litigation 

Will this impact my need for a lawyer? 

Divorce mediation should not have any impact on whether you decide to work with a lawyer throughout the divorce process. In fact, many people find that they are able to make decisions better because they have the help of both a lawyer and a mediator. A mediator is not meant to take the place of a lawyer but should be in addition to a lawyer to help you and your spouse resolve issues that may turn a divorce sour. 

Can a mediator help with alimony? 

Absolutely. A mediator can help you and your spouse resolve issues surrounding child support and alimony so that you can come to an agreement that makes the most sense. 

When you are going through the divorce process, don’t forget to talk with your lawyer about working with a mediator. Your lawyer may have good advice regarding mediation and can be with you throughout the mediation process if that is what you decide. For more information on help through your divorce or working through mediation, reach out to a local law firm now.

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