Which Parent Gets Child Custody?: A Father’s Guide

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When a marriage dissolves and young children are involved, there’s the question of which parent they will live with. For years, there was the presumption that juveniles should always be placed with their mothers. While that preconceived notion is no longer as prevalent, it is still more common that offspring are given to their moms.

Fathers are often overlooked when it comes to custody rights. It is time for fathers to fight back and get the same attention given to mothers in family law cases. Fathers deserve equal opportunity when it comes to their children, especially when there are disputes over who should have custody. Mothers can be biased or abusive towards fathers so hiring a child custody lawyer  Modesto, CA like Attorney Bernie is crucial for the father’s case in order to win custody of his child(ren).

Here are a few factors that can affect where kids wind up.

Determination of the Primary Caregiver

The parent most likely to be awarded custody is the one that has already expended the most amount of energy caring for a minor. Activities that contribute to this equation include feeding, bathing, dressing, and tending to medical concerns. In some instances, child-rearing duties are split evenly; other times, there’s a clear imbalance. Fathers who have put as much effort into raising children as their partners need a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA like Attorney Bernie to make this argument on their behalf.

It is important for fathers to be aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to child custody. This includes knowing about the different types of custody and the benefits and consequences that come with each type. Due to these factors, Fathers should hire a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA for help with their legal case.

Identification of the Child’s Wishes

Child custody decisions are always made with the young person’s best interests in mind. Therefore, judges are expected to take a youngster’s wishes into account before ruling. Traditional parental roles make it more difficult for fathers to bond with sons and daughters. Societal pressures often push them to work long hours, while mothers are expected to be at home taking care of the kids. Mothers also tend to be healers, whereas fathers are the more likely disciplinarians. This means that it’s more likely a dependent will express a preference toward being placed with his or her mother. child custody lawyers in Modesto, CA like Attorney Bernie are adept at reminding courts of this dynamic.

Analysis of Parental Relationships

The history between parents and their children may become a factor. Parents who have been found guilty of abuse or doing drugs in a child’s presence are obviously unlikely to be awarded custody. Although less serious, attempts to poison the relationship between a child and the other parent could impact a ruling. Children are sometimes prone to making untrue statements on the witness stand at the urging of one parent. Child custody lawyers know ways of handling these tricky situations.

While judges are duty-bound to make the most agreeable rulings, they can only base their decisions on what they are told. Child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA like Attorney Bernie are skilled at presenting the big picture so that judges have the fullest understanding of a familial situation. Hire an attorney to explain to the court why you deserve custody.


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