Visiting Jump Creek

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Attorney Robert Taylor visiting Jump Creek

Last Friday my wife and I took the day off work to hang out together. We ended up making a day trip to Jump Creek, which is just southwest of Marsing. 

Marsing, Idaho, is in Owyhee County and its total square area is less than a mile. It really is, “Small town, Idaho.” 

On the way to Jump Creek, we stopped to have lunch at The Spot, which is pretty much the only pizza place in the 1,300 people town. On the way from The Spot to Jump Creek, we drove pass what might be the town’s only law office in town. 

Driving pass the building reminded me why I wanted to expand my uncontested divorce process from just Mountain Home to the entire state of Idaho, which can be done all online. 

I grew up in Mountain Home, Idaho. I know all about small-town service. I also grew up with the entire world wide web at my fingertips. I wanted to combine small-town service with the state-wide reach of the internet. 

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to get divorced in your hometown or wanting to use the assistance of your local attorney, it’s just that I wanted to give more people the option to get divorced online and to do so relatively hassle-free.

In most small towns, there’s a limited number of attorneys. This can be hard if one party beats their spouse to his or her office. Or if you or your spouse knows your local attorney from your church, poker group, or favorite fishing spots, you may not want him or her knowing everything about your relationship and pending divorce. Getting help from out of town would let you get divorced and maintain your privacy. After all, What Happens in a Small Town, stays in a small town.

Marsing is only a half hour outside of Nampa and its likely if you live in Marsing and don’t want to get divorce with the assistance of your local attorney(s), then you’d probably drive to Nampa or even Boise to talk to a divorce attorney. But keep in mind, you don’t have to. You can call Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC and start the process all online. You could literally get divorced without having to leave your house, let alone your home town (though you will need to find a notary).

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