United States Adoption Categories

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Adoption Lawyer

Every family’s needs are different when it comes to adoption. As an adoption lawyer at Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC can explain, each adoption is unique, usually falling into one of many adoption categories. The differences between each category of adoption account for various scenarios common to adoption. The central idea behind the system is to benefit the adoptive parents and the adopted through appropriate measures taken within the processes that are unique to each case. 

An adoption lawyer is beneficial in educating potential adoptive parents in each of the adoption categories and offering advice and direction through every stage of the process.  A professional family law attorney will help you determine the best type of adoption for your family and will provide you with legal help throughout the process.

Adoption through an Agency

If a child has been abandoned, abused, or orphaned, typically a public adoption agency will help place them. Private adoption agencies, alternatively, are usually run by charities or other social organizations. Adoption agencies can be public or private.

Independent Adoption

When adoptive parents work directly with the family or guardians of a child who is eligible for adoption, it is defined as an independent adoption. Some adoption cases utilize a third party, which can be a doctor or a religious figure.  There are some states that do not allow for an independent adoption and other states monitor the process extensively – an adoption lawyer will be able to easily advise the potential adoptive parents if this is the case in their state of residence.

International Adoption

This is considered to be the most challenging form of adoption in the United States. You will need to meet the laws and regulations of your state and the country the child’s citizenship is from. Parents will also need to obtain an immigrant visa for their child.  If approved, the child who enters the United States will receive American citizenship. 

Stepparents Adoption

This is when a parent’s new spouse decides to adopt a spouse’s child from another partner. When both birth parents agree, the process is simple. When one of the birth parents does not immediately consent to the adoption, an adoption lawyer will prove to be beneficial in processing the paperwork required by the process.

Contact our step parent adoption lawyers for more info.

Relative Adoptions

When a child’s relatives want to adopt the child, they do so by applying to the court. Normally when a child is adopted, it’s usually done by grandparents or an aunt and uncle.  Usually, family members are preferred to adoptive parents when a child needs a new home.

Consult an Adoption Lawyer

Adoption is an exciting experience families can go through, but it can also be extremely nerve wracking and stressful. By working with adoption, navigate the process with dedicated lawyers who will work on your behalf will help ensure the process of adoption will go as smoothly as possible.

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