The Different Types of Adoptions

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Adoption Lawyer

If you are thinking about adoption, then it’s important to educate yourself on the types of adoption available. Whether you are a prospective parent or birth parent, the more information you have the more empowered you will feel about the process to come. A lawyer can talk with you about the different options and create a plan to get you towards the parental goal you envision. In the meantime, consider the types of adoption briefly described below: 

Agency Adoption

Adoption agencies are organizations that offer adoption services, such as homestudies, matching, placement, counseling, and post-placement supervision. These agencies must be state-licensed, meet certain standards, and operate in a professional manner. 

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoptions entail placing children of the United States with families in the same country. There are categories of domestic adoptions, and the laws vary by state, so be sure you meet requirements and discuss any concerns with your lawyer. 

Private Adoption

Adoptions from birth parent to adoptive parent are called private adoptions, and have no middle party such as an adoption agency to oversee the placement or custody of the child. Those who wish to adopt through a private case will have to go through the steps required to complete the adoption, along with setting parental goals, negotiations, and understanding legal documentation. 

Stepparent (Second Parent) Adoption

Some families may find themselves helping to raise children from their partner’s past relationships. A step or second parent may wish to have their role become a legal status. Establishing parental rights for a stepparent may be impactful to the child’s growth, security, emotional health, and financial future. 

As an adoption lawyer at Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC can attest to, the adoption process can be complex, but not impossible, and anyone considering it should gather as much information as they can, as knowledge is strength. 

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