The best divorce blogs according to ChatGPT


We asked ChatGPT for a list of the best divorce blogs. Here’s what we got:

  1. Divorce Magazine Blog: A comprehensive resource covering various aspects of divorce, including legal, financial, and emotional considerations. 
  2. HuffPost Divorce: A section of HuffPost dedicated to divorce-related content. It features articles on divorce trends, advice, and personal experiences. 
  3. Divorced Girl Smiling: A blog by Jackie Pilossoph, a divorce and relationship expert. She shares personal stories, practical advice, and support for individuals navigating divorce. 

Each of these blogs offers something different. Divorce Magazine blog provides tips for those going through a divorce or considering divorce. HuffPost will keep you updated on celebrity divorces, but you probably won’t learn much about divorce there if you’re looking for any answers for your own divorce. Divorced Girl Smiling offers advice for getting both through and past a divorce.

You can read our divorce blog here. We offer information for those in Idaho going through divorce as well as a little bit of entertainment. You’ll also find fillable divorce forms if you want to do your divorce yourself.

Divorce blogs can be a great source or resources, offering both legal and emotional support. Whatever you’re facing before, during, or after your divorce, someone else has already gone through it and chances are, someone else probably already wrote a blog about it. You just have to spend some time online looking for it! 

Additional divorce blogs can be found here:

  • Women’s Divorce. This blog, made for women and written by women, offers an overview of the divorce process.
  • Divorce and Your Money offers financial coaching from Shawn Leamon, a certified divorce financial analyst and MBA. 
  • DadsDivorce: Dad’s Divorce offers answers to questions a lot of people have regarding divorce, not just dads.
  • Since my Divorce is another divorce advice blog, hosted by certified divorce financial analyst and parenting coordinator/decision-maker Mandy Walker. 
  • Think Financially, Not Emotionally is a divorce blog written for women by Jeff Landers, who is a certified divorce financial analyst. The blog hasn’t been updated in a bit, but still contains some good advice.
  • Idaho Divorce Law Firm is an Idaho firm whose blog focuses on divorce in Idaho.
  • Divorced at 50 hasn’t been updated in a few years, but is written from the perspective of someone who divorced their spouse after 32 years of marriage. 
  • The Enlightened Divorce Blog is a great resource for those in California going through divorce. The website offers solutions to situations people typically deal with during divorce.
  • DivorcedMoms Blogging Network is exactly what it sounds like: a network of divorced moms blogging about all things divorce.
  • Divorce and Children shares advice for parents going through divorce to help with co-parenting and raising kids together after the divorce. 
  • Laura Doyle is a relationship coach, which could come in handy if you’d like to avoid divorce.

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