Signs That Divorce Is on The Horizon

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Divorce Lawyer

Marriage is unique in that the best and worst parts of ourselves are going to be tested. By getting married, we agree to love that person until the end of our days, but that time may be cut short when one or both spouses realize that divorce may be right for them. Here we have outlined signs that divorce may be on the horizon, and why your next step should be to contact a divorce attorney.

Needs are going unmet.

If you are in a relationship with your spouse that is drastically one-sided, and it’s been that way for quite a while, then it may be time for divorce. Marriage works when there are two people who are dedicated to the partnership, so both must contribute time, effort, and emotion into the relationship.

You’re together for the kids.

Staying in a marriage for a child’s sake can actually do more damage than if you were to part ways. You and the other parent may be wonderful separately as people, but then don’t seem to mesh so well when together. The constant friction between both parents who wish they could divorcce may not be the best representation of love either.

There is toxicity or abuse.

Under no circumstances should anyone remain in a marriage with someone who is abusive, toxic, threatening, or otherwise greatly mistreating you. Disagreements and hard conversations will happen when you’re married, but it should never escalate to violence. If you are concerned about you and/or your children’s safety, you must inform your lawyer and the authorities. 

Silent treatment and avoidance.

When arguments completely stop, and the problems are still there, then one or both parties may have given up. Not talking and avoiding the dispute can prevent things from being worked out. As soon as one spouse has disengaged, the marriage cannot sustain itself. 

As a divorce attorney from Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC can attest to seeing before, the process of divorce can be tricky and difficult to weather without proper legal representation. If any of the above signs are true for your situation, it may be helpful to prepare for divorce just in case. 


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