Marriage Insight from Divorce Lawyers

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Divorce Lawyer

Nobody thinks about divorce when they’re getting married. And while the divorce rates are going down, the reality is that there are no guarantees. Because of this, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared just in case. Divorce lawyers frequently get a front-row seat to divorce proceedings, some that may be easier to navigate than others. Each divorce case is unique, simply because the spouses within the marriage bring their own set of character traits and ways of being.

You cannot change your spouse.

Consider the little things that drive you mad about your spouse. Guess what, those annoyances are probably not going away. You can either accept your spouse for the good and bad about them, or you may find yourself wasting time and energy when these traits are unlikely to change. 

Marriage is not just about love, it’s a legal contract.

Marriage is not only a change in your relationship status and maybe last name, as it’s also a legally binding contract that has legal and financial impacts on both parties involved. Most people wouldn’t blindly enter a contract without reading the fine print, but some couples may get caught up in the blurry giddiness of being in love, and forget that it’s a legal agreement too. 

You should have shared goals for children.

Sometimes couples get married and assume that when it comes time to talk about children, they’ll end up with at least similar goals. However, if someone strongly wants or doesn’t want children, they may not falter later on. Couples can take more due diligence in discussing how and when to build a family before entering a marriage, and see if they envision a similar path.


As a divorce attorney from Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC has witnessed before, divorce proceedings can be turbulent and emotionally-charged. Before entering a marriage, couples may want to consider the impact it’ll have on their daily life, finances, and future. 


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