How to Prepare for the Adoption Process

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Adoption Lawyer

The U.S. government reports that, on average, more than 100,000 children are adopted each year.  The number of children added to the annual list is likely to increase, but adoption can be a difficult and complicated process. Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC explains that is why many potential parents who are seeking to adopt will retain the services of a skilled adoption lawyer.

There are four main types of adoption that a potential adoptive parent may consider:

  • Agency Adoption: When a private agency facilitates the adoption. Foster children are often adopted by the state agency responsible for children and family services.  
  • Private Adoption: Private adoption is when a biological parent and an adoptive parent set up the adoption independently, this is also commonly referred to as independent adoption. 
  • International Adoption: International adoption is an option for parents to adopt a child from a different country. 
  • Related Adoption: This is when a family member adopts a child they are related to. This can include parents, grandparents, step-parents, aunts and uncles.

How to Prepare for an Adoption

There are certain steps you will want to take in order to help prepare for the process. The first thing you want to do is make sure you are financially ready. The process of adoption can be expensive, especially for both private and international adoptions.

If the adoption takes place, then the adoptive parents will be responsible for the medical care of the new child. So, in order to have the new child’s records, the adoptive parents will need to make sure they have them. This may be a simple step for related or private adoption.  It can be more difficult to get those records when it is an agency or international adoption. Having a family lawyer working for you can make the process easier, since he or she will have dealt with this issue many times before and understands the complexities – as well as the solutions – in obtaining these records.

Emotional preparation is important in the adoption process.  With all the changes that come with adoption, a new family can take time to adjust and often have moments of sadness and happiness. This can be especially true for intercountry adoption where the child comes from a foreign culture or an adopted child who has been transferred from foster home to foster home and may have to overcome emotional problems.

Most adoptive parents will say that their experience with adoption has been rewarding. To learn more about the various adoption types and adoption options, and to discuss your eligibility, contact an experienced adoption lawyer. They will work closely with you and help outline a path to a smooth and efficient adoption.


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