How To Prepare For an Adoption Home Study

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Adoption Lawyer

During the adoption process, you will need to have a home study performed, which is when a social worker visits your home to learn about the space, your family, and confirm that paperwork is in order. If you are getting ready for an adoption home study, or have questions about the adoption process, consider reading the insight provide below: 

Research State Requirements

Each state has requirements for adoption, so you will need to know how these laws will impact you and your adoption application. It is recommended that you locate an adoption agent and lawyer familiar with adoption cases to guide you along the way. 

Abide by Fire and Safety Reguations

Fire and safety is an issue adoption agencies are going to take very seriously. Is there an escape route for the building you live in? Or have you made a plan with your family in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other natural disaster? Do you have fire extinguishers on each floor of your home, carbon monoxide detectors installed, and smoke detectors that work? These are things you will need to check for.

Child-Proof Your House

Part of having your home ready for an adopted child is showing the adoption agency that you are a responsible person. Even if you aren’t planning on adopting a child who is as small as an infant or toddler, protectors such as child-proof cabinets and electrical outlet covers will show you are being thoughtful with the safety details. 

Tidy Up! 

Of course, your house doesn’t have to be perfect so much so to where it looks like no one lives in it. However, it is reasonable to assume that you should do a deep clean so your home is presentable for the inspection. You will be asked to show the room where the child is intended to be, so making sure it’s pristine will be of utmost importance.


Our adoption lawyer at Taylor Law & Mediation, PLLC would probably agree to the fact that adoption can be an exciting time, but also means you’ll have to get familiar with state laws and prepare for an adoption agency inspection. The time to get cleaning and organizing is now!


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