How to Choose A Divorce Lawyer

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Choose A Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce is never fun, and in some states it all depends on the type of divorce that you are trying to file for as to how long your divorce proceedings will take. Couples that qualify for a simplified divorce will have to wait 20 days after signing a petition. They will then attend a hearing and at that hearing, the marriage may be dissolved. In this particular scenario, the hearing can be scheduled for longer than 20 days after the petition. 

During a no contest divorce, which means that the couple agrees to the divorce terms, the process of divorcing your spouse can take 4 to 5 weeks to complete. If the couple disagrees on issues such as child support or alimony, then the divorce becomes contested and it can take over a year to resolve.

You should speak to your divorce lawyer about your divorce and whether you qualify for an uncontested divorce or simplified divorce. When it comes to children in a divorce, there is often child support or alimony to think about. Child support in some states is based upon state guidelines, however, the full amount paid out is going to be decided on a case-by-case basis decided by the court. And there might some factors to think about child support:

  • The monthly net income of the noncustodial parent is going to be looked at when considering how much be owed in child support.
  • The monthly net income of the custodial parent is going to be looked at when deciding how much could be owed in child support.
  • The number of children involved.
  • The number of days both parents will spend with the children consecutively.
  • The monthly insurance cost for both parents will be taken into account.
  • The standard needs of the children involved.

Other factors may come into play but are going to depend on that specific scenario with those specific children.

Some states enforce what is called “no-fault divorce”, which means that if you decide to divorce your spouse simply because you no longer get along, then you can just dissolve the marriage. Your spouse does not have to have committed some kind of all in the marriage for you to get a divorce.

It can cost up to $2000-$10,000 to get a divorce in some states, ultimately it will depend on the type of divorce lawyer. Many state courts court allow for one spouse to be ordered to pay for the other’s attorney fees, and you must request this when you are filing a petition for divorce. The court will judge if one spouse has to cover the other’s fees based on both spouses’ financial records, the proceedings history and link, and the behavior of both spouses in the existence of need.

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