Adoption Story: Megan (Part 2)

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Adoption Story: Megan (Part 2)Before she knew that she herself had been adopted, Megan (we will insert a hyperlink here to link back to her adoption story) had the desire to adopt. Much like her adoptive father, she has loved people and welcomed them into her world for as long as she can remember. She dreamed of the day that she would be able to adopt children of her own. 

When she learned of her own adoption, her desire to adopt intensified. She knew her life would be drastically different had she not been adopted. The opportunity to give such incredible love and life to another child was something she no longer wanted to be a hope, yet a reality for her. Before she even met her husband, Megan plans were to graduate from nursing school, move to Boise, Idaho, and pursue her first adoption. From the start, her husband knew how important this was to Megan and he too knew that adoption was a way that they would grow their family.

Megan is an active advocate for both foster care and adoption. She speaks passionately about the unconditional love that causes a heart to break on behalf of a child who needs a family to belong to and a home to abide. Not once have they shied away from the chance to bring a child in need to their home. In fact, adoption opportunities have seemed to find them as they are walking out their lives. 

The first came not long after they were married and despite their willingness to meet a need, it fell through. Other families heard of their open-door, open-heart policy and reached out to them regarding adoption; however, each time something caused the adoption to fall through.  Megan then became pregnant and gave birth to their son, Noah. After his birth, they applied to be foster parents but chose to take care of her father in his last months of life. After he passed, she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. Megan and Tyler now have two, healthy, fun and beautiful kids of their own and yet the desire is still so strong to adopt. 

Six times, they have wanted to bring a baby into their family though adoption. Six times, their open hearts were left wide open. Each story has a different ending, some full of grace and hope, some with loss. The six little ones that are not in the arms of Tyler and Megan are a driving force for them to continue to grow their family by way of adoption. 

Not long ago, Megan’s older sister called her and asked if they were still open to adopting a baby. Without hesitation, Megan affirmed that they absolutely still wanted to adopt. She didn’t let her hopes rise, but she did tell her sister to please share her contact information with the mom. That very same day, she received a message from her sister’s best friend asking if she could meet with her to introduce her to the birth mom. The next week, she was able to meet the mom. She welcomed her into their home and gave her the chance to see who they are and what life would be like for her baby if she chose their family to adopt her baby. 

A week later, they met with their lawyer and the preliminary paperwork was signed. 

Tyler and Megan’s second daughter was born in July 2019. Her name is Gemma. She is so wanted, waited for, prayed for and loved. Their daughters will grow up just months apart in age, Gemma being a little sister from her very first breath. Megan said that all they endured leading up to Gemma’s adoption wasn’t about them, but all for sweet Gemma. It was all purposed. 

And sweet Gemma is Native American, just like her birth mom and her adoptive mom. 

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