Adoption Story: Megan (Part 1)

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Adoption Story: Megan (Part 1)Megan was 17 years old when she unintentionally found out that she had been adopted as a newborn. One may think that might be news that would feel life altering, but for Megan, it just made her feel even more loved by her parents. Sure, there was an initial shock that lead to some questions. And yet, she found that as each question was answered, it was always answered with love being at the center. 

Megan’s adoptive dad had children from a previous marriage and her mother had not conceived in the 10 years they had been married and trying for a child of their own. A co-worker of her mom had moved to Vegas, became pregnant and wasn’t in a position to keep the baby. After returning to and receiving permission from the Native Tribe she was a part of, she chose to give her unborn baby up for adoption. Megan’s birth and adopted mother had worked together prior to her birth mother living in Vegas. The day the adoption was finalized, even the judge had a tear in his eye. 

When Megan was two years old, her birth cousin of the same age died in a car accident along with her great-grandmother by birth. Her adoptive mom told her she believed that God’s hand was on Megan from the time she was a baby. It was likely that Megan would have been raised by the great-grandmother who lost her life in the car accident. 

Megan’s family is full of adoption. Her dad had a heart that was inclusive to children belonging in a family. Megan wasn’t the only one in her family to be adopted and truly believes that connection amongst adoptive family members can be instant, defying the rules of society. She spoke of the grace in her family to find love at first sight amongst the adopted members. Their home abounded with love. 

Megan had a sweet smile on her face when she said that she’s so proud to be just like her adoptive dad in that she too, is a gatherer of those who need love and safety. Her voice was strong and confident when she said she is most like her adoptive mom with her strong integrity to treat others with dignity and respect. Her world also includes her birth mom who now lives in the same town as Megan and her adoptive mom (her dad passed away last December). She’s very close with her birth aunt & is now a member of the Native Tribe she was born into. 

For Megan, she believes the best part of being adopted is the value found in the love shown by both her birth mom and adoptive parents. She recognizes that her life would have likely been so different from how it was and is now, and not for the better, had she not been adopted. Before she even knew she herself had been adopted, Megan knew that someday she would want to adopt. She truly is her father’s daughter.

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