When Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Divorce?

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Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is an emotional time. Whether you are separating amicably or not, it is likely a time that is full of stress and change as well. Many people prefer to settle their divorces without help from lawyers because they want to keep costs down. However, some situations require the help of a divorce lawyer. Without one, you could find yourself paying more for your divorce than expected or causing stress for your children.

Daniel Wright Law has three main reasons on why to work with a divorce lawyer.

You Suspect There Could Be a Custody Dispute

If you and your spouse have children together, you might have trouble deciding who they should live with and how often the other parent should see them. Additionally, many people don’t realize there are two types of custody: physical and legal. 

While many parents have both physical and legal custody, sometimes these are split up. Physical custody refers to who the children live with, while legal custody refers to who makes decisions regarding education, medical care, and so on. If you and your spouse cannot agree on these terms easily, it is important to hire a divorce lawyer who can help you mediate the situation and choose what is best for your children. 

You Have Many Assets Together

Perhaps you and your spouse own a business together. Maybe you have a large home, a vacation home, or are otherwise considered affluent. In some cases, one spouse has more money than the other that could lead to a need for alimony. If you and your ex need to equally divide business or personal assets, hire an divorce lawyer to help you. He or she can work with appraisers and consultants to determine the value of your shared estate, decide how to split it evenly, and consider whether alimony payments should be part of the divorce terms.

Your Spouse Hired a Divorce Lawyer

If you find out your spouse hired a divorce lawyer, it is important that you do the same. Unfortunately, sometimes people do unscrupulous things. Trusting a lawyer who works for someone else to do the right thing could leave you with nothing in the divorce settlement. Even if your spouse is on the up and up, having your own lawyer is essential. Your husband or wife’s lawyer will not be able to provide you with legal advances, so if you try to go it alone, you will have a disadvantage when it comes to protecting your best interest. 

Divorce is already an emotionally trying time. Don’t let it take over your financial well-being as well. Schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer to help you through the process. 

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